Cookie policy uses cookies
We use cookies to insure proper operation of our website. Every user of our site is offered to accept the use of cookies.

What’s a cookie?
A cookie is al small (temporarily) text file for your computer, smart phone or tablet. There are different kinds of cookies that we use as set out below:

Functionale cookies:
We use functional cookies to make sure our website works properly and user friendly. By using these cookies our website will recognize you and this way (for example) you don’t have to log in every time you open our website.

Tracking cookies:
We use tracking cookies to collect information about your actions on our website. This way we can collect information to improve our website.

Analytic cookies
Analytic cookies are used to establish how our website is being used. These cookies also contain cookies of third parties such as Google Analytics

Marketing cookies
We use marketing cookies to be able to share content of website on marketing channels.
Is it possible to shop at when I don’t want to use cookies?
It is important to us to give you the best shopping experience possible and we need cookies to do so. When you enter our website you will be given the announcement that we use cookies and that you agree to the use of cookies if you continue. It is not possible to disable the use of cookies on our website.
It is possible to disable the use of cookies in your browser. In the help section of your browser you can see how.